Giveaway and Print Shop Launch!


So I finally launched my Etsy shop and have a little giveaway for you guys today! Let me just tell you. It has been one heck of a week! I’ve had more coffee than food. But it’s finally done (yay!). And life (and blogging) can go back to looking a bit more normal now. I’m […]

6 Frugal Things I Did Last Month: February

Frugal Things I Did Last Month: Frugal living principles applied to real life.

Though February was a short month, I tackled quite a bit of batch cooking in the kitchen! I did lots of meal prep, did a bit of experimental container gardening, along with a couple of other make-ahead items. Before I get into the post, I’ll address something that has made me feel quite guilty lately: […]

Frugal Experiment: Homemade Almond Butter

How to make homemade almond butter in the food processor. Only takes ten minutes!

Today I’m going to try my hand at making homemade almond butter in the food processor. I almost forked over a pretty penny for a jar of almond butter while I was grocery shopping last week. But then I saw a bag of almonds for less and thought “I can totally make this at home.” So […]

DIY Freezer Butter Cookies

Freezer Cooking : Freezer Butter Cookies Recipe. Make and freeze cookie dough in advanced. Pop a few out of the freezer and bake when a sweet tooth strikes. Fresh baked cookies each time without all the work!

Homemade freezer cookie dough is a really good idea. I’m not patting myself on the back here since I didn’t invent the concept, but more so wondering why I’d never thought to do it before! Store-bought sweets can be pretty expensive! And making homemade cookies from scratch each time you want them can be a […]

Cloth Pads for Beginners: Getting Started

Thinking about switching to cloth pads? 10 common questions answered and tips for getting started!

Today we’re going to talk about cloth menstrual pads and answer some questions you may have if you’re considering giving them a try. I’ve been using cloth pads for a few months now, so those beginner questions are still fresh in my mind! This is somewhat of a taboo subject, so I’ll do my best to […]

Homemade Crockpot Yogurt

Easy crockpot recipe : Homemade yogurt in the crockpot. An easy, hands-off method for making creamy yogurt.

I shared my experience with you the very first time I made my own crockpot yogurt in this frugal experiments post over a year ago. Since then, I’ve figured out a few tricks and changed my methods so I now have a recipe to share with you! Because it was a frugal experiment, I didn’t include my own […]

6 Frugal Things I Did Last Month

Frugal living principles applied to real life. Here are six frugal things I did last month.

February marks an entire year of me doing this series! Unfortunately, I missed last month’s post so there have only been 11 posts published in the series. So today I will be highlighting a couple of my favorite frugal things from both January and December. © JcJg Photography / Dollar Photo Club 1. Bought a car. […]