Sun Oven Giveaway

Sun Oven Giveaway

I’ve experienced my fair share of power outages since living in Florida. And let me tell you, they suck. Being inconvenienced by a power outage for a few hours is an annoyance. Having no power for more than a few days is downright uncomfortable (and just generally awful). Unfortunately, the weather, natural disasters, power outages [...]

39 Grocery Items to DIY Instead of Buy


We all have our own personal reasons for having an interest in making more of our own food. Usually, my motivator is saving a few pennies. But when I can save a few pennies, indulge in a healthier item and have the joy of making something myself, that’s just icing on the cake. Many of [...]

Frugal Experiment: Homemade Butter in the Food Processor


I never thought butter could be this exciting. This is likely my favorite frugal experiment yet: Homemade butter in the food processor. I’ve been putting this off for ages because making something as basic as butter is oddly intimidating. But, it’s actually quite simple. It’ll be even simpler for you after you read about my [...]

Freebie: 5 Sheet Printable Set


I have a fun freebie for you today: a 5 Sheet Printable Set. The set includes a free printable menu planner, shopping list and inventory sheets. This set was designed to help you lower your grocery spending. Though intended to work together, each sheet serves a specific purpose. The inventory sheets make meal planning easier [...]