Honey Teriyaki Chicken Recipe

I’m going to be perfectly honest – I almost didn’t post this honey teriyaki chicken recipe on the blog. Halfway through cooking, the sauce didn’t cook down, so I pretty much thought this recipe was going to be a big soupy fail.

Honey teriyaki chicken recipe. Only 322 calories!

Luckily, in the last minute or two, it came together and it turned out better than I expected.

After it was done, I entered the ingredients into a calorie counter and realized that it only has 322 calories per serving! WIN.

Serve over brown rice to keep up with the healthy theme. I ran out of brown rice so served over white.

Honey Teriyaki Chicken Recipe

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Honey Teriyaki Chicken Recipe
Prep time
Cook time
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Recipe type: Chicken
Serves: 4
  • 1.5 lbs boneless skinless chicken tenders
  • ⅓ cup honey
  • ⅓ cup teriyaki sauce
  • 1 tbsp soy sauce
  • 1 tbsp minced garlic
  • ½ tsp. black pepper
  • ¼ tsp. Salt
  • 2 tbsp. sesame seeds
  1. Chop chicken tenders into 1 inch pieces. I think it looks prettier when you vary the shapes between rectangular chunks and triangles. It just gives it a more "restaurant" look.
  2. Transfer chicken into a large bowl. Add the teriyaki sauce, soy sauce, honey, minced garlic and salt and pepper. Massage into chicken with hands.
  3. Transfer chicken (liquid and all) into an oiled and heated pan. Place the stove on medium high heat for about five minutes. Stirring occasionally.
  4. Crank the heat up to high, stirring occassionally. Cook until sauce has reduced. This process can take between 10 and 15 minutes. When the sauce thickens up and starts sticking to the chicken, add sesame seeds. Stir.
  5. Remove from heat. Let sit for five minutes before serving.


Update: A lovely reader made a video of the recipe. If you need a bit more visual guidance, I definitely recommend watching it. Click here to watch.

Honey teriyaki chicken recipe. Only 322 calories!

This is so good, guys. Like really good. The chicken is perfectly moist and tender, the outside is nice and sticky. The sesame seeds provide the perfect crunch. I love it. Also, I’m pretty sure I just wrote a love letter to my chicken.

I’d love to know if you try this honey teriyaki chicken recipe! Be sure to check out the recipe section for more dinner ideas.


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  1. says

    This looks sooo delicious!! This may be a dumb question but is the chicken already ‘pre-cooked’ or raw?

    Funny you mention the cutting style of chicken. I’m a big fan of grilled chicken in stripes. I found Pampered Chef’s amazing double bladed scissors to be the best way to achieve that look. The scissors also works wonders on cubing, cutting that time in half (pun kinda intended). I’m not sponsored by them or anything, I just love that scissors so much!!

    • mads says

      hi jazmin!

      i made this chicken and it smelled fabulous!! unfortunately my chicken was really tough. any suggestions for how to cook it more tenderly? obviously im a new cook 🙂

  2. says

    Looks absolutely delish. I promise to try this recipe after my next shopping trip. I was hoping that I had all the ingredients but I don’t keep teriyaki sauce on hand. Great Job~Kim

  3. says

    Hi Jazmin. This looks delicious and a great one for a mid week family meal. Thanks so much for linking up at Thriving on Thursdays. I’m featuring this at tomorrow’s party.

    Anne xx

  4. Anonymous says

    This recipe was a fail for me. The sauce never stuck to the chicken like it should, i left it on the stove simmering for so long (about 30 minutes) the chicken came out dry and the sauce just mostly evaporated. Not sure where I went wrong…:(

    • says

      I’m so sorry it didn’t work for you! You are actually the second person to say that about the sauce. I’m planning to make this again very soon and I will document the process from start to finish to see if I wasn’t clear about the instructions or happened to leave something out.

    • says

      I used the teriyaki sauce recipe here: http://www.favoritefreezerfoods.com/recipe-teriyaki-sauce.html
      because I didn’t have any sauce on hand.
      I didn’t think it was going to glaze and coat the chicken at all because it was just frothy to start with as the chicken was cooking. I cooked on medium high from the start and then once I was sure the chicken was done (20 mins) I turned it up to high to try and get the sauce to set. It came out AMAZING. Truly impressed and adding this to my list of “go to” recipes. I think that if you leave it simmering, it won’t set. It needs a higher temp to glaze the chicken, but this is just my opinion and observations from making it once. Thanks for the recipe!

    • Anonymous says

      I had the same problem so I put a couple tablespoons of cornstarch in a cup with a little water and mixed it in. It thickened instantly and stuck to the chicken. Try that.

    • says

      Thanks, Bonnie! It really was pretty tasty. I’m now using it as a base for a bunch of similar recipes at home (sub out the teriyaki sauce for bbq, sweet sour sauce, etc). Last night we made a Hawaiian chicken stir fry using this as a base.

  5. Anonymous says

    WE LOVED THIS. It came out perfect! The sauce was tangy and sticky, and I tried to add another comment but Im not sure it showed up. We served it over cauliflower rice for more health, and subbed the honey for Agave, and added a super small pinch of cayenne for heat. I used Asian stir fry oil to cook it in, and it WAS SO GOOD! Seriously. My husband wants this weekly now.

  6. Anonymous says

    Love Sesame Chicken and will try this recipe but first a dumb question. It sounds like you cook it on a burner, right, not in the oven?

  7. says

    Looking at out sauce and chicken right now…it looks like tar. The chicken finished 10 minutes early. We cooked it just above medium since you seemed wary about cooking heat and times. It tastes burned. We have a gas stove so maybe that was the problem…cook on lower heats guys.

  8. Anonymous says

    Made this for my family tonight and it was enjoyed by all. Very strong flavors. I cooked it with medium heat the whole time and tended to it carefully, being mindful of the way you said it came together very quickly at the end. I might tone down the garlic and pepper next time I make it, but a very good recipe all in all. Served it with rice and some green veggies. Might try some pineapple on the side next time. Great stuff! Thanks for a great new idea!

  9. Anonymous says

    Very good! I quadrupled the recipe and served it in a corporate cafeteria. It went so fast I’ll have to double that again! It took about 35 minutes so I’m glad I allowed enough time. This will be in my rotation. I will look at more of your recipes too!

    Thank you!


  10. says

    I just tried this. It was really good, but a little too salty for me. Next time I’ll just leave out the extra salt. I served over quinoa and had broccoli on the side. Thanks for sharing.

  11. Anonymous says

    Cooked this for dinner tonight & sitting to eat some now! I have to say, it is DELICIOUS! thank you so much for sharing!

  12. Anonymous says

    What a great dish. Though for my family I omitted the soy sauce and substituted 1/2 TBLS of Hoisan Sauce. Served with sticky rice and steamed green peas and mixed it all together. What a hit!! There wasn’t a scrap left. Thank You for such a quick, delicious recipe.

  13. Anonymous says

    I loved this! Just make it today with steamed broccoli . The trick is really cranking the heat up to thicken the sauce. I was nervous too and as soon as I turned it on high, it all came together!

  14. Anonymous says

    Made this last night and it was absolutely awesome! Looked just like the picture when done. The only change I made was added a sprinkle of red pepper flakes to the chicken while cooking. I sautéed some shredded carrots and snow peas to go with it, DELICIOUS! It will thicken, just turn it up high and keep an eye on it.

  15. says

    So…I found this on Pinterest while looking for something yummy to make for dinner. I just made it. And I. am. in. LOVE!! I didn’t have any sesame seeds but it was great without. I pared it down for one serving and just threw in some broccoli. It was ABSOLUTELY AMAZING. I am pretty sure I will be making this again tomorrow and um…probably every day until I run out of ingredients. You are a genius!! Thanks for my new favorite recipe!!! 🙂

  16. says

    I just tried this and oh-my-dear-lord it’s good! I added some brown sugar, lemon juice and chili powder to the mix and it was delicious. Although I didn’t measure any of the ingredients so the sauce did come out a bit like “teriyaki soup” but it’s so yummy that I don’t mind pouring it over the chicken. 😀 Thank you, this was an awesome recipe! (I also found this through Pinterest 🙂

    • says

      I’m so glad you liked it, Laura! I have to admit, unless I’m writing a recipe for the blog, I’m not usually too particular about measurements either!

    • says

      It will boil for most of the cooking time, but in the end it should come together to a sauce. If you’re having issues with the sauce thickening, crank the heat up to high and be sure to stir constantly.

  17. Anonymous says

    made this tonight, it was soooo good!! My husband is a picky eater but he loved it too. I followed the suggestion of turning it on high, it turned out perfect. thank you 🙂

  18. says

    I just made it and looks so golden and delicious! I wish I can share a picture on here with you! I made it with couscous instead of rice and its just wonderful! Thanks for sharing your recipe!

  19. Anonymous says

    This is so simple and easy to make… and it tastes great!! Definitely adding this to the my list of new favorites!

  20. Anonymous says

    My whole family loved it! So easy and delicious! I will be making it often! Next time I’m making a double batch so I have leftovers 🙂

  21. Anonymous says

    I doubled the sauce recipe, left out the salt, added a couple teaspoons of cornstarch mixed with water to thicken it up. I turned it down from high when it started boiling and added the cornstarch then. The chicken was pretty much done after that. I also sprinkled in a little ginger powder. Poured it over vegetables and jasmine rice….really good! Thanks for the recipe!

  22. Anonymous says

    The flavor of this was so good, but my meat turned out dry. I used this method of cooking in another recipe and the same thing happened. Do you think I need to start out with my pan hotter so that the meat is seared first? Thanks – Carol

  23. Anonymous says

    I made it sauce not a problem at all! Just preheated pan so it was hot dumped in chicken and sauce cooked 5 minutes on med and then 10 on med high and bam. But it’s a little too salty maybe less soy or more honey? Any suggestions?

  24. Anonymous says

    Made this tonight, was delicious! Added a pinch of cornstarch at the end just to help the sauce thicken up, worked like a charm. Very pleased with the results, super easy, will make again.

  25. Anonymous says

    I just made it and it was a success it was the best thing ever will repin it and ill make it again and again thank you so much for Sharing ur the best

  26. says

    This was SO good! Except that I only used 1/4 tsp of black pepper instead of the 1/2 tsp called for and it was still too much pepper! My kids could hardly handle it. Next time I think I’ll use just a dash. 🙂

  27. says

    This was very good except my chicken came out dry. Next time I will be making more sauce for the rice and broccoli… I have a large family so I made this with 2.5 lbs of chicken. Next time I will double the sauce and have extra forr the family on the side…

  28. says

    I made this last week and it was so good! I’m making it again tonight! My husband loves it and I do too:) I served it over white rice and grilled some veggies and it was perfect!

  29. Anonymous says

    Mine doesn’t look like the picture. It came out brown and it looks more soaked in sauce than glazed. It still came out tasting great but I wonder if I Did something wrong.

  30. Barbara says

    Perhaps I’m paying too much attention to detail but I watched the video and noticed the finished “color’ is lighter in the video (I love the way yours looks). What would account for that? Carmelization of the sauce or is there a difference in colors of Teriyaki sauce?

    • Jazmin Rode says

      Thanks, Barbara! Caramelization of the sauce could definitely contribute to the color, but I can’t be 100% sure since I use a different teryiaki sauce almost every time I make this recipe. Depending on the sauce, the color does vary slightly each time I make it. The photo in this post was also shot with very specific lighting and was edited in order to bring out the colors.

  31. Hannah Gaspari says

    I am really excited to try this recipe tonight. I bought teriyaki sauce for the recipe and its a thin consistency. When I watched the video hers looked quite thick? What do you use?

    • Jazmin Rode says

      Hey Hannah, I seem to use a different brand of teriyaki sauce every time, but when possible I do prefer to buy a sauce with a thicker consistency.

  32. Kristen says

    I just made this and the finished product looked absolutely nothing like the picture BUT it was extremely delicious! Just not very visually appealing LoL.

    • Jazmin Rode says

      Hi Meagan, since this recipe only makes four servings I just made the serving size 1/4 of the entire recipe, rather than a specific amount (though in hindsight it would’ve been smarter to do that). This is also how I calculated the calories.

  33. says

    Love this. we made it last night. I of course, needed something green on the plate so for last few minutes i added broccoli, lid and steamed. I didn’t feel like it had enough liquid to steam after about two minutes, so I added a little bit of water, covered another three minutes and was perfect. gave it a big stir to get teriyaki on all. yum…love one dish meals!

  34. Barry Breslow says

    I just found your site and of course anything with an Asian theme pulls me right in. I was just wondering if this could be made with boneless thighs equally as well. I would think this would also lower the cost per serving as well. I haven’t made this yet, but rest assured it will be on the must try list this week.

  35. Katie says

    I love this recipe. I have made this several times and it always turns out fantastic. I have made it for friends when they come over for lunch and for dinner for my in-laws. I have given out the recipe several times because everyone loves it!

  36. Sarah says

    LOVE this! My new favorite meal! I add broccoli cauliflower and onion… I can never quite get the sauce to thicken but I never have been able to and it is still amazing! Would love to see some of your other recipes! Thank you!!

  37. says

    Hi! Thanks for the recipe. I’m from the Philippines and we use a different type of soy sauce here. Can I know what type or brand of soy sauce you used just to be sure I’ll be using the right one? Thanks!

  38. Melissa says

    I have actually made this recipe a few times.. along the lines i have tried a few different things.. like using boneless skinless chicken thighs.. and adding some red pepper flakes for a kick and a little more garlic, and some ginger.. I actually have found that the Trader Joes Island soyaki sauce does great for this.. also as a lighter version, i have used agave instead of honey and Braggs Aminos instead of soy sauce.. so many ways to build on this but thank you for the great base!

  39. Sarah says

    Made this last night for dinner, my husband LOVED it. It was very tasty and super simple. I added some pineapple chucks for a little something extra–yum! I will say that you definitely do not need all that extra salt though with the soy sauce…maybe 1/2 the amount.

  40. Carri says

    Thanks for sharing this. My son loves all types of “sticky chicken” and I have all the ingredients already, so this will be supper soon!

  41. MICHelle says

    Made this last night and it is so yummy! I’m actually excited about having the leftovers tonight!! Thank you for a great recipe. I rated it 5 stars for sure!!

    • Jazmin Rode says

      Awesome, Michelle! SO glad you liked it. They are great as leftovers… something about the flavors intensifying a bit. 😀

  42. Briana says

    LOVE this receipe! I made it last night for dinner and my man and I could not have been any happier. I added some steamed broccoli to it. After reading the comments about the sauce not sticking, I got teriyaki sauce with corn starch in it…I wouldn’t recommend that route if you’re trying to eat clean, but if not, it works perfectly! Now we just have to decide who gets the leftovers!

  43. Mom2three says

    Made this for dinner tonight & it was delicious! I doubled the recipe & changed it up a bit to be sure the sauce thickened. I coated my chicken with corn starch before cooking in a large skillet with olive oil. I cooked the chicken until it was cooked through and then added the sauce. It thickened perfectly!

  44. Callie says

    i made this for my roommates and they loved it! I had the same problem with the sauce not boiling down, but eventually it did and then it was delicious!

    • Jazmin Rode says

      So glad that you guys enjoyed it, Callie! The sauce has always turned out for me but some have mentioned that adding a bit of corn starch or cooking at a higher heat helps it thicken more quickly for them. 😀

  45. KT says

    I love this recipe. Super easy, super fast, super delicious, and my super picky daughter loves it. I make it almost weekly now!

  46. carolann says

    I made this last night and it was amazing!!! It tasted just as good, if not better than the expensive hibachi grill restaurant in town. Thank you so much for this recipe!! 🙂

  47. says

    I just made this tonight for dinner. I had a lot of people over for a Birthday dinner so I had to use 4x the amount, but it turned out absolutely AMAZING! I did read through the comments and was nervous to use the salt and pepper, so I didn’t use any salt and just a pinch of pepper. It did take quiet a while to cook down because of the amount I had to make, but after 25 minutes of high boil it did cook down perfectly! Thank you for such an amazing recipe! My husband wants it again tomorrow! Definitely will be one I make often! So easy and YUMMY! Double bonus!

  48. Sandy Fernandez says

    Im not an expert cooking, im actually a beginner and this was super easy and it was delicious! Me and my husband loved it. Thank you for sharing!


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