14 Frugal Kitchen Organizing Ideas for Organizing on a Dime

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January is a month of organizing for many of us. An area that needs constant organization in my home is the kitchen. Kitchen organization can become quite the pricey adventure if you take the traditional route of purchasing organizing items/tools and using them as their intended purpose.

14 Frugal Kitchen Organizing Ideas

14 Frugal Kitchen Organizing Ideas

If you’re hoping to get organized this month without breaking the bank, these 14 kitchen organizing ideas should give you some great inspiration and ideas for DIYing your way to an organized home.

1. Store your dry goods in old spaghetti sauce jars. 

frugal kitchen organizing

Photo from Restoration Beauty

2. Organize your fridge (and make food more accessible) with a lazy Susan. 


Photo from ‘A Casarella

3. Use a dish drainer to store container lids.


Photo from As the Card Rack Turns

4. Make your own Rope Utensil Crock for pretty Utensil Storage.

Photo from Balancing Home
5. Create your own DIY Cutlery Drawer Organizer.
6. Make your own spice drawer organizer for FREE using cardboard.
Photo from Fake-It-Frugal

7. Organize your bakeware (and save your back) with a pan organizer.

Cheap kitchen organizing ideas

8. Update your Kitchen drawers for the perfect organized fit. 

frugal kitchen organizing ideas

Photo from Curb Alert

9. Make your own from-scratch spice cabinet for less than $20.

cheap kitchen organizing ideas

Photo from Confessions of a Serial DIYer

10. Utilize the height in your cupboards to maximize your use of space. 

frugal kitchen organizing

Photo from Mrs. Hines Class

11. Use curtain rods to organize pot lids.

frugal kitchen organizing

Photo from One Good Thing by Jillee

12. Turn an old spice rack into a K-cup holder.

frugal kitchen organization

Photo from A Night Owl Blog

13. Use self-adhesive hooks to hang plastic wrap and tin foil.

frugal kitchen organization

Photo from Ask Anna Moseley


14. Organize cans with a magazine rack.

frugal kitchen organizing

Photo from PB&J Stories

If you liked these clever kitchen organizing ideas, please visit the featured blogs. Many of  them have tons of useful home organization posts to organize any area of your home!


  1. 5


    So many ideas that I haven’t seen yet, great finds!! I’m especially interested in FREE things until we tackle our full-monty kitchen reno!

    Simply genius: using an old spice rack to wrangle all those darn Tupperware containers, who knew?! Oh and I’ve finally found a use for all those hoarded glass jars that I can’t seem to part with.

    Off to go scope out the card board spice rack (since I’ve found a new love for old cereal boxes). Oh and the other spice rack- that mesh panel has me curious!

  2. 12


    great ideas, I love the idea using the dish rack for lids, I get so aggravated with my lids falling everywhere when I go to get just one out of the cupboard.

  3. 15


    What great ideas! I would love it if you joined and contribute your awesome posts at my link party at City of Creative Dreams on Fridays :D Hope to see you there at City of Creative Dreams Link Party

  4. 17


    Great Ideas thanks. I have a CD cabinet with sliding glass doors that I use for my spices, cooking spray, etc. It’s handy and I can see what I need at a glance. Hope this helps someone.


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