Foil Baked Salmon Recipe with Asparagus

If you’re tired of kitchen cleanup this tasty foil baked salmon recipe is for you. Cooking salmon in the oven is already easy enough. But with this method, you’ll completely eliminate the need for cleanup and the time to cook a side for your salmon.

Easy 239 calorie baked salmon recipe with asparagus. The best part? This 30-minute recipe requires zero cleanup since the salmon is baked in foil pouches.

This foil baked salmon recipe takes care of everything in one shot. Oh, did I mention there are only 239 calories per serving? So it’s diet-friendly as well! I had an idea that it was sort of light on calories when I was whipping this up, but didn’t realize how low it was until I popped it into a calculator.

I do recommend serving this with a side of brown rice since 239 calories is a bit light for dinner. We opted for the brown rice and this was perfectly filling.

Foil Baked Salmon Recipe with Asparagus

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Foil Baked Salmon Recipe with Asparagus
Prep time
Cook time
Total time
Serves: 4
  • 4 Salmon Fillets
  • 3 Lemons
  • 2 tbsp. Cold Butter (cut into 8 pats of butter)
  • 1.5 lb Asparagus (you will only use the tops)
  • Sea Salt (to taste)
  • Pepper (to taste)
  1. Preheat oven to 400F.
  2. Wash asparagus and cut the spears in half. Place asparagus tops in a large bowl. Save and store the bottom of the spears for other uses like stirfrys, soups, stews, etc., rather than throwing them away.
  3. Sprinkle sea salt, pepper and juice from half of a lemon over asparagus tops and stir to evenly coat asparagus tops.
  4. Cut a generously sized rectangular piece of aluminum foil and place asparagus side by side. Use enough to create a bed for your piece of salmon. I personally used six to seven pieces of asparagus per foil pouch.
  5. Place salmon on top of asparagus. Sprinkle salt, pepper and lemon juice overtop. Place 2 pats of butter over salmon. Top with 2 slices of lemon. Repeat until all foil pouches are created. Then fold foil pouches and close them (seam side up) and place in oven for 25 to 30 minutes, or until asparagus is fork tender.
Nutrition Information
Serving size: 1 pouch Calories: 239

You can completely forgo using a baking dish, but I placed my foil packets in a casserole dish just in case one of the foil pouches sprung a leak.

This recipe creates an amazing lemon butter sauce that sits at the bottom of the pouch. Just pour this over your salmon, or if you’d like to save a few calories you can just drizzle it out of the foil pouch when serving. I mistakenly used 1 tbsp of butter per pouch when I created mine, not realizing how much sauce this would create, so I adjusted it down to ½ tbsp per pouch for this recipe.

Are you a fan of cooking salmon in the oven? If so, have you ever tried a foil baked salmon recipe like this?


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  1. Aimee says

    Would this work with green beans or another veggie? Asparagus is one thing my husband won’t eat, but he’ll eat others.

    • Jazmin Rode says

      I would only place harder vegetables that can support the weight of the salmon (and that wouldn’t become mushy) on the bottom. But I’m confident that you can place the salmon at the bottom of the packet and place any vegetable on top. I think green beans would work well.

  2. Amanda says

    This was great… However I’ll be cooking my salmon in a separate pouch in the future bc it came out a bit over cooked… Did not need as long as the recipe suggests. The asparagus was perfect, except for the fact that it was covered in salmon fat from sitting beneath the fillets. Taste wise however, the dish was phenomenal, a big hit with my boyfriend. Thanks!

    • Jazmin Rode says

      I’ve never tried this myself, Destiny, but I think the salmon would do well frozen. I would personally freeze it without the asparagus since I’m not too sure how well asparagus does when frozen.

    • Jazmin Rode says

      Sure can! You can even place the green beans on top of the salmon if you want to make sure they don’t get soggy.

  3. Katy says

    sounds good but your calorie count is off unless you are using the smallest salmon fillets in the history of man. a 4oz serving of salmon is 236 calories alone, and thats a pretty small portion.

    • Jazmin Rode says

      Hi Katy, I used the calorie count for the salmon fillets from the package, so it is indeed accurate. I will agree with you that they are quite small… I believe they are around 4oz.

  4. Autumn says

    I’m excited to try this!!! But one question my salmon is fresh an still has skin, do you remove the skin. The picture looks like it’s skinless but I wanted to be sure.

    • Jazmin Rode says

      Hey Autumn! Personally, I’d remove the skin first since I don’t think this will cooking method will produce a crispy skin on the salmon since it’s quite buttery and saucy.

  5. MOrgan says

    I don’t usually comment on things like this, but this was too good not to! I found this recipe on pinterest a couple of weeks ago and finally tried it last night! It was AMAZING! My husband does not typically like fish, but he ate this up and kept telling me how much he loved it. He even asked me to fix it again!!! We paired it with a sweet potato and it was perfect! Thank you so much!!!

  6. Rosalie says

    Tried this with rainbow trout instead of salmon and margarine instead of butter. Still very very good. If I were to make it again I would forego squeezing the lemon juice onto the fish as it was a strong lemon flavor than I like. I would just do the lemon slices and I think that would be a sufficiently mild taste for me.
    Great idea though, made me four meals for the week! 🙂

  7. Gina says

    I made this! It was SO tasty! And, im no cook, but this recipe really easy to make. My BF loved it. We both did!! Thanks for posting this recipe. I look forward to more!! 🙂

  8. says

    Whoa this recipe has been shared so many times! As much as I loved to cook, I admit this quick recipe is just what I need sometimes. You’ve inspired me to look up other foil baking recipes. Thanks!

    • Jazmin Rode says

      Thanks, Chris! Welcome to the world of foil baking. Great for avoiding clean up (which is the worst part of cooking lol)!

  9. aAron says

    Absolutely fantastic recipe. I’ve never been much of a Salmon fan, but this dish has changed everything. I made it exactly as instructed. Only required 25 minutes and came out delicious. Thank you for sharing and I look forward to many more recipes!

  10. Christine says

    I used this recipe last night and it turned out great. I used two, larger pieces of salmon and added dill along with the other ingredients. It only needed 25 minutes and everything was perfectly cooked. Yum!

  11. Paula says

    Excellent!! Thank you for this amazing recipe! I improvised a little, but followed your recipe otherwise and can’t wait to make it again!!!!

  12. Melody says

    I’ve been looking for another way to cook salmon besides my tried and true agave/mustard version… And then I stumbled across this post. So yummy!!! An my 12mo even loves it 😉 thanks for the awesome idea!

  13. says

    Hi! I want to make this badly, but my husband refuses to eat any seafood. I’d make mine as you instructed…but do you think it would work for a chicken breast for his?

    • Jazmin Rode says

      I think it would totally work for chicken breast, but the cook time would likely be different. If you’re using chicken, I think it’d be a bit bland with just these seasonings (since salmon has more natural flavor) so maybe add in a dash or two of his favorite spice to go along with it!

  14. Nicci says

    Just tried this with Weber Brand Zesty Lemon seasoning and a tiny bit of Cilantro-Lime flavored vodka instead of butter. OMG! I cook with foil packets all the time and am always trying new things/looking for new ways to use them. I typically use fish but have done it with pork and chicken. Great recipe!

  15. kATELIN cAVANAGH says

    Hi there! Probably a silly question, do you cook it in the oven with the foil open, like in the picture? Or completely enclosed?

  16. RMD says

    This was easy and delicious! Thank you so much for sharing this recipe! 25 minutes and the fish turned out perfectly. Even my hard-to-please 8 y/o ate every bite! I’m looking forward to making this often. Have you had any luck with other fish/veggie combinations in foil?

    • Jazmin Rode says

      I’m so glad! I haven’t tried with other fish yet but I’ll definitely do some experimenting and post anything else that works well 🙂


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