About Me

Welcome! I’m Jazmin – the Frugality Gal.

My passion for frugality started long before I even knew what a blog was. As a teenager, I remember going shopping and trying to find the best deal rather than buying a pricey brand name item like my friends.

When I moved into my first apartment with my (now) husband, we were broke and in love.

So we worked our tushes off to pay the bills and I made it my mission in life to stretch every dollar that ever crossed our hands. My mission has become somewhat of an obsession – one which I didn’t mind.

Now, I’m still living the frugal life and am more passionate about this topic than ever. I want to help other people save money, regardless if they’re struggling to make ends meet, surviving a layoff, or living a comfortable life.

To me, frugality isn’t about being poor – it’s about spending your money in an intentional way.

There are many ways to be frugal and I intend on exploring them all here on Frugality Gal. I hope you’ll follow along on my journey.

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