Homemade All Purpose Cleaner

Make your own homemade cleaner with ingredients you likely already have on hand!

I’ve made my own cleaners for quite a while now. But I didn’t totally love it until I started using essential oils. No matter what I tried, there was always a lingering vinegar scent that I just couldn’t kick! There is still a slight vinegar scent even with EOs, however, it’s faint and disappears quickly. As […]

5 Ideas for Using Your Kitchen Scraps

5 Frugal ways to use kitchen scraps. Ideas for getting a little more mileage out of our food before throwing it away!

We throw out so many things without squeezing out the maximum mileage for our money. It certainly isn’t necessary to use the scraps of every item that graces our kitchen. But when you can use kitchen scraps to make something useful, it’s rarely a bad idea! © ehaurylik / Dollar Photo Club Here are five ideas […]

Homemade Oatmeal Packets

Meal prep : Make your own homemade oatmeal packets for just $0.15 each! Knock out a month of breakfasts in minutes. Quick, easy and frugal!

Make-ahead breakfasts in our house typically require a bit of work. But today’s recipe, if you can even call it that, is super fast and easy. These homemade oatmeal packets are also very frugal. They’re way cheaper to make than store-bought and you can customize your own flavors to suit each family member’s tastes on a […]

Frugal Things I Did Last Month – March Edition

6 Frugal Things I Did Last Month - March Edition

© pogonici / Dollar Photo Club Here’s an update on the avocado pit for those of you that asked (yes, it’s still alive!) It’s got a bit of root growing and something is definitely growing from the middle! I seriously can’t figure out how this little guy is still chugging along. I have it in a not-so-easy […]

100 Frugal Dinner Recipes

Frugal Living : Get out of your meal planning rut with these 100 frugal recipe ideas! You're bound to find a few new go-to recipes in this huge list of frugal dinner ideas!

Like most folks, I have a few tried and true frugal recipes that I work into the meal plan fairly regularly. But when I get into a meal planning rut, I rely on my favorites almost a little too often. The most difficult part of meal planning is taking the time to figure out what […]

6 Frugal Things I Did Last Month: February

Frugal Things I Did Last Month: Frugal living principles applied to real life.

Though February was a short month, I tackled quite a bit of batch cooking in the kitchen! I did lots of meal prep, did a bit of experimental container gardening, along with a couple of other make-ahead items. Before I get into the post, I’ll address something that has made me feel quite guilty lately: […]

Frugal Experiment: Homemade Almond Butter

How to make homemade almond butter in the food processor. Only takes ten minutes!

Today I’m going to try my hand at making homemade almond butter in the food processor. I almost forked over a pretty penny for a jar of almond butter while I was grocery shopping last week. But then I saw a bag of almonds for less and thought “I can totally make this at home.” So […]