What I learned from the $27/week Grocery Budget Challenge


I’ll start off with the most popular observation of the week. I could have created a more healthy shopping list, and therefore healthier meals.  What I would’ve done differently Now, looking back, I would’ve purchased a few bananas for breakfast, iceberg lettuce and a cucumber or two to pair with the few vegetables I already […]

Day 7: $27 Grocery Budget Challenge


Day 7 is upon us, and that means it’s the end of the $27 grocery budget challenge. I will write up a post on Wednesday about what I learned while on this challenge and what I’d do differently if I were ever to do this again. Here are the final day’s meals. Breakfast:  We had […]

Day 6: $27 Grocery Budget Challenge


Only one more day left in the series! Here are the meals I served on Day 6. Breakfast:  We had scrambled eggs, ham and toast for breakfast yesterday. I had a few slices of ham stored in the freezer and decided to take it out today for breakfast. Lunch:  As I showed you in yesterday’s […]

Day 5: $27 Grocery Budget Challenge


We only have two days left in the series! It’s hard to believe how fast it’s gone by.  Breakfast:  We just weren’t in the mood for breakfast yesterday. We still have breakfast items left, I assure you we didn’t run out. It was just one of those days when we woke up without an appetite. […]

Day 4: $27/Week Grocery Budget Challenge


Day 4 of the $27 grocery budget challenge has come and gone. Here are today’s meals. Breakfast It was another day of pancakes and coffee for breakfast this morning. This is slightly off topic, but do you call them pancakes or hot cakes? When we first moved down to Florida everyone called them hot cakes […]

Day 3 of the $27/Week Grocery Budget Challenge


It’s day 3 of my $27/week grocery budget challenge. I spent a lot of time in the kitchen yesterday, but it was definitely worth it. Making homemade bread is always extremely satisfying, as is setting aside something for the freezer, even if it’s just a few pancakes.  Here are yesterday’s meals.  Note: This budget includes meals […]

Day 2: $27/week Budget Challenge


It’s day 2 of the $27 budget challenge. Click here to read Day One. Like day one, day two was a pretty normal day of food. We didn’t eat any strange things to stick to the challenge. I thank meal planning for that. It’s so much easier to stick to a strict budget when you […]