Homemade Oatmeal Packets

Meal prep : Make your own homemade oatmeal packets for just $0.15 each! Knock out a month of breakfasts in minutes. Quick, easy and frugal!

Make-ahead breakfasts in our house typically require a bit of work. But today’s recipe, if you can even call it that, is super fast and easy. These homemade oatmeal packets are also very frugal. They’re way cheaper to make than store-bought and you can customize your own flavors to suit each family member’s tastes on a […]

5 Tricks for Surviving on a Beans and Rice Budget


A beans and rice budget is the go-to money-saving tip in the frugal realm. But, they may not be the darlings of frugality if you have to eat it several times per week out of necessity, rather than thrift. I grew up eating beans and rice on a regular basis. And in the early years of […]

My $50 Menu Plan and 6 Ways I Kept My Costs Down

My $50 Menu Plan and 6 Ways I Keep Costs Down

I love seeing examples of other bloggers’ menu planning efforts. So, I thought it’d be helpful to share an example of my own $50 menu plan this week so you can see how someone who doesn’t coupon or buy in bulk sticks to a meal plan on a budget. I placed an emphasis on easy dinners that wouldn’t require […]

15 Frugal Crockpot Recipes

15 Frugal Crockpot Recipes

Having a stockpile of go-to frugal crockpot recipes simplifies the process of getting dinner (and more) on the table on those days you just know you won’t have time to make a proper meal. My Crockpot has become one of my most-used kitchen tools, which means I’m always on the hunt for tasty and inexpensive […]

4 Creative Ways to Reinvent your Leftovers


One of the most effective ways to save money in the kitchen is to put your grocery dollars to use by eating your leftovers. If you’re one of the many people that struggles to consume leftovers due to the repetitiveness of each meal, consider these four frugal ways to reinvent your leftovers. If you truly […]

4 Benefits of Meal Planning


If you prefer not to use coupons, it can often feel like you’re limited as to what you can do to save money on groceries. There are many methods you can use to slash your grocery bill. One of my favorites is meal planning. Meal planning is my go-to money saving strategy because it’s simple, […]

Freezer Cooking: $0.24 Microwavable Pasta Lunch Packets

Freezer Cooking Recipes: $0.24 Microwavable Pasta Lunches

I’m a fan of easy freezer cooking recipes, convenience and inexpensive meals. So I combined all of these qualities and turned them into a metaphorical super soldier of sorts and came up with this: Yep, the price you see is indeed accurate. These freezable pasta lunches come in at just $0.24 per serving. Not only […]