Printable Grocery List

One of the simplest tricks I use to save money on groceries without coupons is tracking my purchases in order to familiarize myself with store prices. Typically, I write down my grocery list in a notebook in the exact format you see in this printable (though I do sometimes use other methods). But, the printable makes it so much easier to organize and keep track of previous weeks.

Free monthly/weekly printable grocery list. Use this to keep track of store pricing and learn stock-up prices in your area. | via

How to Use This Free Printable Grocery List

Use the sheet to create a general budget based on the items you add to your shopping list. I recommend overestimating the price of each item by a few cents in the “expected price” section, so you can be pleasantly surprised (and within budget) while filling out the “actual price” section at the store. Overestimating also helps you cover those few items that will inevitably be higher than your expected price.

1. Fill out the items/expected prices before heading to the store
2. Tally up your total – this is your budget (adjust accordingly)
3. Fill in the “actual price” section at the store (and tally up the total so you’re not surprised at checkout)
4. Keep the printable grocery list sheets after each shopping trip so you can reflect back at the prices in the future.

Number 4 is the biggie since it helps you learn your stores prices (since you’ll have weeks upon weeks of actual prices). You’ll be able to tell a true deal from a bad sale in no time at all.

Click the photos below to be taken to the printable grocery list for the corresponding month. Print according to your shopping habits (e.g. if you grocery shop every week, print 4 lists for the month. If you shop bi-weekly only print 2). There’s also an extension sheet  (at the very bottom) that you can use to extend your printable grocery list.

Note: there will be a bit of awkward white space on the sides when you print. Sorry about that! Again, I am no designer so it’s the best I can do. πŸ™‚



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